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Wedding videos in Kenmare  Co. Kerry

best wedding videographers

Weddings are one of those special occasions where two people are united, by not only their minds but also their hearts. Filming this special occasion is almost as important in one’s life as the act itself. The bride and the groom wants to capture their un-scripted moments, so in the future, when they feel like […]

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Weddings are important occasions that are often remembered for life. So many friends and relatives must show up. We focus on what they shall set their eyes on and like. The term ‘wedding concepts’ refer to the art of presentation for the big occasion. This is done through creative designs and colour, arrangement and floral […]

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Themes for your wedding

Themes arouse the mind in the area of color and fashion displayed in a wedding. Colors carry mood in the m and they can thus easily affect the mood for the positive or negative. Neutral and dull colors bring a somber mood, no wonder opposites of weddings-the burial ceremonies command that people dress in black. […]

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