Themes for your wedding

color and fashion displayed in a wedding

Themes arouse the mind in the area of color and fashion displayed in a wedding. Colors carry mood in the m and they can thus easily affect the mood for the positive or negative. Neutral and dull colors bring a somber mood, no wonder opposites of weddings-the burial ceremonies command that people dress in black. The opposite is true for weddings.  A white gown and pure jewellery carry the essence of purity and they reflect beauty. Coupled with the bridal dress colors, a theme is created. A theme will be applied in all areas of the wedding-the garden, reception and the cake, all the car beautifications and all.

Since the photos will portray the appearance of the wedding for many years, emphasis should be laid in the themes decided on to be applied. There are many themes available to choose from. A couple can decide to be outrageous and try a blend of colors that guys consider as clashes that can never go together! I remember looking strangely at a wedding where the bridal party was dressed in a blend of grey and Black and it looked! The shade of grey was light matched with rich black, shiny of course. Thought of such colors for a wedding theme? The cake too was grey and black although not so inside.

Among the themes is the beach environment, beautiful and natural for people living near the seas and oceans. They present the best photos ever. In a garden wedding, the plants next to the paths are decorated with ribbons that make up the theme color while petals of flowers are poured to complete the walkway. The gown will sweep over them as the flowery “carpet” adorns all the photos taken to record the day in videos and photos. All the beauty makes the day worthwhile and the look desirable to every eye.

The look of the wedding is also manifest in the invitation cards that obviously carry the theme of the day. Most themes are made by blending two colors that go together and produce an attractive look. Providers usually have a studio displaying their creative theme ideas that they have done in the past, presenting the couple with variety from which they can make a choice. Themes can be traditional or exotic depending on the taste of the couple.

Whatever colors are chosen should be bright to induce a lovely mood. A hot-red colored wedding I once attended was inducing a good mood in the audience. Themes can be formulated to fit preferences and personalities of the bride and groom. Music of the day should match the mood created by the theme colors. Soft pink as a color carries soft music while red deserves romantic songs so naturally.

I should not to mention that flowers have fragrances. These should be mild and match the theme too. They add to the god feelings associated with the day and leave the couple feeling great. This keeps the wedding alive for years in the photos!

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